newTACTics New Play Festival 2011

Queen_2The Queen of Spades by Joel Gross

Directed by Robert Kalfin
Music by Jack Ramsey
Featuring: Cynthia Harris*, MacKenzie Meehan*, Brian Sutherland, and Brad Schmidt

The Queen of Spades is Catherine Chandler, a well to do, oft-married New York socialite who has resigned herself to her Fifth Avenue apartment, alone with her memories. She holds an irresistible secret to success, which drives the envious to extreme measures to reveal it. Little do they know, the one who holds the secret has the heaviest burden of all…


The war in LiberiaSia by Matthew MacKenzie

Directed by Jenn Thompson*
Music by Jack Ramsey
Featuring: Susan Heyward, Evan Jonigkeit, and Peterson Townsend

Sia recounts the struggles of an aid worker and two Liberian citizens as they grapple with the atrocities of one of the most brutal rebellions in memory. Can they come to terms with their wounded pasts to create a more hopeful future, or will they create more bloodshed in their wake?


You Are Here IMAGE edit 1.0You Are Here by Zakiyyah Alexander

Directed by Barry Satchwell Smith*
Music by Jack Ramsey
Featuring: Alex Hurt, Dorien Makhloghi, MacKenzie Meehan*, Debargo Sanyal, Brad Schmidt, and Dana Smith Croll

You Are Here examines the American Dream as envisioned by an all American family and recent Pakistani immigrants who make their homes in a “Bridge and Tunnel” town. This broad, thought provoking comedy will cause you to question where the line between community and territory is drawn.


Mata Hari IMAGE edit 1.0Spy: The Betrayal of Mata Hari by Bart Midwood

Directed by Barry Satchwell Smith*
Music by Jack Ramsey
Featuring: Christine Andreas, Christopher Burns*, Matt Faucher, Paul Molnar, John Plumpis*, James Prendergast*, and Allen Lewis Rickman

Spy: The Betrayal of Mata Hari tells the tale of a Dutch courtesan who finds herself caught in the crossfire when she accepts the role of double agent for opposing factions in World War I. Is she the ultimate manipulator, or is she the one who will ultimately get played?

*denotes TACT Company Member