newTACTics New Play Festival 2012

Program-MalcomPorterMaterial for Malcolm Porter by Matt Herzfeld

Directed by Barry Satchwell Smith*
Music by Jack Ramsey
Featuring: Jessiee Datino, Jake Green, Louis Hobson, and Kristen Vaphides

Material for Malcolm Porter asks the question: “Which comes first, art or life? And does it really matter?” Malcolm is a wry and jaded memoirist in search of his next book when he meets Kathy, an impressionable young woman hungry for love. In his skeptical investigation of the human condition, will Malcolm grow a conscience as he battles unexpected feelings, or will he merely manipulating them to pen his next bestseller?


Program-AHomeAcrossTheOceanA Home Across the Ocean by Cody Daigle

Directed by Nora Chester*
Music by Joey Contreras
Featuring: Helmar Cooper, Delphi Harrington*, Jack Koenig*, Sharina Martin, and Scott Schafer*

A Home Across the Ocean: When the patriarch of the Rast family dies, his widow and only son react quite unexpectedly, in this surprising and life affirming comedy. The son, Connor, decides the time is right for him and his life-partner, Daniel, to adopt a troubled teenage girl, while his mother, Grethe, suddenly takes up with an old flame – an African poet from London. Their two different but drastic actions provides the spark that ignites the most surprising bond between them all.


Program-TheUnearthingThe Unearthing by Lindsay Joy

Directed by Lauren Miller*
Music by Joey Contreras
Featuring: Dominic Comperatore, Sean Dougherty, Kate Middleton, and Lynn Wright*

The Unearthing digs into the dysfunctional dynamics between Fiona and Olivia, two 30-something sisters who are faced with the prospect of clearing out their childhood home after their pack-rat mother’s death. What they discover underneath all the refuse and junk in this dark yet hilarious comedy throws them into turmoil, but what they can’t seem to find is the one thing they are looking for: their mother’s will.


Program-PublicServantsPublic Servants by Sir Ronald Harwood

Directed by Barry Satchwell Smith*
Music by Jack Ramsey
Featuring: Mary Bacon*, Jack Koenig*, Kelly McAndrew*, Ron McClary*, James Murtaugh*, James Prendergast*, and Allen Lewis Rickman

Public Servants rips open the dossier on the secret intel and dangerous backroom intrigue that eventually led to Winston Churchill’s rise to power and engagement in World War II. This tense drama chronicles the lives of the government workers who risked all to ensure Britain’s safety as the shadow of Nazi Germany begins to spread across the continent.

*denotes TACT Company Member