Thank You for Your Support!

After 25 seasons of service to the New York theatre community and over 200 productions of under-appreciated, neglected, rarely-seen or lost plays by great writers, TACT has brought down its final curtain.  Our resident company of theatre makers send their thanks to the hundreds of guest artists, actors, directors, designers, composers, musicians, stage managers, and technicians who joined us in making all of this possible.

TACT’s efforts have been part of a larger movement to champion underappreciated works, and the company is proud to have been part of that movement for 25 years.  Proud of what has been achieved and proud of TACT’s part in helping to change the artistic landscape of the greater community. Now new companies have joined the mission and the work TACT has helped launch is being carried forward with renewed vigor and great imaginative energy.

So, having fulfilled its original mission in ways greater than it had ever imagined, and while at the top of its game, TACT decided that the time was right to move on, wrap up the institutional structure of the company, archive its achievements, and allow its legacy to stand on its own.

This website will remain as an archival record of its work and as a research source for all to access.  Donations are no longer being solicited at this time.

Thank you.