TACT is a company of theatre artists that reveals, reclaims, and reimagines great plays of literary merit, creating an intimate theatre experience for its audience by focusing on the text and the actor’s ability to bring it to life.


TACT’s company of actors was drawn together in 1992 by a love of the literature of the theatre.  Over the past 25 seasons and 200+ productions, TACT has grown to become a true ensemble: a group that has developed a common vocabulary and a technique based on an shared artistic vision and collective body of work.  TACT’s company of professional theatre artists are veterans of the stage, film, and television whose cumulative experience includes scores of Broadway shows, hundreds of Off-Broadway plays, thousands of regional theatre productions, and many films and television shows.  These artists are committed to TACT because of the artistic opportunities offered: creative challenges, professional growth, and the chance to work on great plays that deserve to be seen more often in New York City.

From the compelling poetic language of Tennessee Williams’s The Eccentricities of a Nightingale to the ironic subversive wit of Vaclav Havel’s The Memorandum, the plays TACT presents are propelled by language and ideas.  Whether American farce or English drama, Italian satire or Russian tragedy, TACT presents works that explore the eternal truths of the human condition. Time and again, TACT’s audiences discover how a well-written play, of any age, can produce both the joy and discomfort of recognition. Whether they take us to the darkest corners of the soul or to the highest reaches of the spirit, these plays ultimately enrich, involve, and entertain.

Thanks to the company of actors’ talent and depth, TACT presents plays that the commercial theatre often finds daunting.  Large-cast productions such as  Arthur Miller’s Incident at Vichy, or challenging texts such as William Inge’s Natural Affection, seldom find their way onto the contemporary professional stage.

From the beginning, TACT made its reputation with its Concert Performance productions: fully rehearsed presentations stripped down to their essence. Staged in our intimate studio space, these performances (currently known as our Salon Series) feature simple staging, costuming, and lighting, refocusing the emphasis of the drama away from spectacle and production and back to the words and the actor – creating theatre in its purest form. This style grew out of the belief that the true magic of theatre lies in the special connection between the artist, the work of art, and the fully engaged audience.

For 12 years, TACT was a resident company of NYC’s famed Theatre Row and produces their Mainstage, Off-Broadway productions  in the Beckett Theatre. In addition, TACT presented its Salon Series in their studio space at 900 Broadway. Both spaces offered audiences an up-close and personal experience with the plays and the artists.

Its 2012/2013 TACT was honored by being named The Wall Street Journal’s 2012′ “Company Of The Year.”