Salon Series 1997-1998

Our popular Salon Series is the foundation of TACT's success. These unique presentations offer an intimate theatrical experience - enjoyed exclusively by our subscribers - and include complementary refreshments with the cast.

To celebrate this milestone season, TACT is presenting a series of plays all about the theatre and the characters who inhabit it; the playwrights, the producers, the composers, the audiences, and, of course, the actors - prima donnas, ingenues, bit-players, divas, and dilettantes, We've selected plays that are entertaining, moving, literate and fun (some of them are downright silly). And you won't get to see them very often anywhere else in town.

If all the world's a stage, then the stage is all the world.

Trelawny of the “Wells”

Trelawny of the “Wells”fifthseason0005

by Sir Arthur W Pinero