Salon Series 2013-2014

Our celebrated Salon Series, is yet another reason to join us this season. We’re focusing this year’s
series on the female playwright and will be featuring four remarkable plays by four fabulous women:
Lillian Hellman, Agatha Christie, Alice Childress and Ruth Gordon. With our intimate setting at the
TACT Studio and our accomplished company of actors, the Salon Series is what makes TACT, TACT.

A Very Rich Woman, by Ruth Gordon
Trouble In Mind, by Alice Childress
Toys in the Attic, by Lillian Hellman
The Hollow, by Agatha Christie

A-Very-Rich-Woman-SQA Very Rich Woman

by Ruth Gordon

Friday, November 8: 7:30 PM
Saturday, November 9: 2 & 7:30 PM
Sunday, November 10: 2 PM
Monday, November 11: 7:30 PM

TACT Studio
900 Broadway, Suite 905
New York, NY 10003

TACT Subscribers call 212-560-2184 for reservations.



Based on a play by Phillipe Hériat A rich Boston widow fights her daughters’ efforts to declare her incompetent in order to gain access to her money.