newTACTics New Play Festival 2013

2013-Illustrations_SawbonesSawbones by Carrie Robbins

Directed by Pamela Hunt
Music by Sande Campbell and Todd Montgomery
Featuring: Hanna Cheek, Cynthia Harris*, Richard Ferrone*, Tyler Jakes, Terry Layman*, Forrest McClendon, and Scott Schafer*

When military apprentice and black freeman Jebediah Wall delivers a wounded Rebel soldier to a Northern field hospital, Dr. Cordell Cuttaridge teaches him a harsh lesson in sacrificing a limb to save a life. But a decade after the Civil War ends, will his mutilated patients consider the surgeon a merciful savior, or a merciless Sawbones?


2013-Illustrations_AlltheStarsAll the Stars in the Midnight Sky by Jeff Talbott*

Directed by Jenn Thompson*
Music by Alex Burtzos
Featuring: Maïté Alina, Cynthia Harris*, Todd Lawson, Tracy Middendorf*, and Myra Lucretia Taylor

All The Stars in the Midnight Sky is the story of two very different unplanned pregnancies. Kelsey and Trish have some big questions to answer, and not just the ones about babies. But a lot can happen in nine months, and if you let it, a lot can change. A comic drama about mothers and daughters, and maybe, just maybe, finding happiness where you least expect it.


2013-Illustrations_FortuneFortune by Lally Katz

Directed by Lauren Miller*
Music by Jack Ramsey
Featuring: Cynthia Darlow*, Jake Green, James Knight*, Gregory Salata*, and Justine Salata*

In the midst of global economic disaster, Cookie, a pregnant Romani fortune teller desperate for a mark, strikes gold when she checks into an anonymous New Jersey motel. A grieving mother, a pair of jobless stock brokers, and a landless cowboy gamble everything on Cookie’s intuition, in the hopes that Fortune favors the bold in the home of the brave.


2013-Illustrations_DamselDamsel by David Caudle

Directed by Scott Alan Evans*
Music by Jack Ramsey
Featuring: Carla Duren, Kelly McAndrew*, Finnerty Steeves, and Jeff Talbott*

When a fire erupts next door, Susan and her teenage daughter are forced to evacuate their apartment. Randall, Susan’s coworker, comes to the rescue, but his pregnant wife Kathy is suspicious. What is Susan really after? Why is her husband so eager to come to her aid? Who really is the Damsel in distress? The answers are not what you think in this finely observed psychological drama.


*denotes TACT Company Member