The Confidential Clerk

Confidential-Clerk-Title-SQThe Confidential Clerk

By T.S. Eliot

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Sir Claude Mulhammer has a secret. Unknown to his eccentric wife Elizabeth, the young man Claude intents to make his new private secretary is really his illegitimate son Colby. While Claude hopes Elizabeth will take a shine to Colby before he prepares her for the truth, Elizabeth has her own ideas about Colby’s identity. Into the mix comes Claude’s other illegitimate child and her fiancé, Colby’s aunt, and Eggerson, Sir Claude’s former clerk. As everyone claims Colby for themselves, one person remains without a say; Colby. Mistaken identities, misplaced children, and witty one-liners fuel Eliot’s Wildean plot, delightfully combining his interest in classical drama with drawing-room comedy.