Apprenticeship Program

With its Apprenticeship Program, TACT invests in the next generation of theatre professionals, welcoming them into the company’s artistic home and providing working experience and mentors to motivate, train, and inspire.

The semester-long, intensive immersion Apprenticeship Program is for early career theatre professionals and college students who aspire to have careers in theatre. These individuals wish to gain valuable on-the-job experience and exposure to the inner workings of an Off-Broadway theatre company. From January to May, June to August, and September through December, selected apprentices are exposed to a comprehensive working knowledge of producing non-profit theatre, both in TACT’s office and in productions in the Mainstage and Salon Series.

All apprenticeships at TACT are customized to give a focus to each individual’s field of interest, such as general management, development, marketing, outreach, and literary management, in addition to general daily functions and production duties. Apprentices work hand in hand with TACT’s small staff and witness all aspects of the company’s programming throughout their term. They also will be paired with a mentor from TACT’s repertory company of theatre artists to establish a network in the industry.

As a fully participatory component of TACT’s company, they will gain insight into the inner workings of the New York theatre industry and a sense of theatrical history, while becoming exposed to great works of literature interpreted by skilled artists. Each semester is accompanied by a weekly lecture series of guest speakers across all disciplines in the industry. Apprentices are extended invitations to performances and other insider industry events, and receive complimentary tickets to TACT productions.

The Apprenticeship Program is a natural partner to TACT’s established company of theatre artists. By employing the tradition of mentorship and experiential education, TACT exposes young artists to great dramatic literature interpreted by skilled artists, and creates opportunities for their future careers.

“I’ve come to have a deeper appreciation and respect for the administrative aspects of theatre companies—so much work must be done before a production can even think to begin.”
“We were hired to our respective departments, and fulfilled the duties and responsibilities within them, but in return TACT let us gaze into the theatre business and gave us some insight on being a professional actor, producer, literary professional, and much more.”
“I was granted close contact with the artistic side of TACT’s operations and was given the opportunity to observe the professional auditions held for TACT’s fall main stage production, which taught me more about the do’s and don’ts of auditioning than any class could”

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 Class of 2013:

Andre Gonzalez, Kathleen DeSilva, Stella Brennan-Romano, Danielle Feder, Carolyn Kettig, Emma Thomasch and Kate McLennan

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  Class of 2014:

Clark Kim, Radha Kharti, Sophia Cohen-Smith, Eleanor Beckman, Avery Deutsch, Lauren Panzarino, Kristin Papadopoulos and Kaili Turner