Damon Runyon Quiz

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TACT/The Actors Company Theatre, the award-winning off-Broadway theatre company, will present the world premiere of the new comedy Three Wise Guys at the Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street in New York City) from February 28 through April 14.

Based on two short stories by Damon Runyon (whose writing served as the inspiration for the musical Guys and Dolls), Three Wise Guys remains true to the language, humor, and plot twists of a man who, in the words of biographer John Mosedale, “invented Broadway.”

Enter weekly for your chance to win a pair of tickets to Three Wise Guys PLUS a copy of the book Guys and Dolls and Other Writings by Damon Runyon (courtesy of Penguin Random House).

Contest Rules:

  • New questions will be posted every Monday from February 19 through April 2.
  • One winner will be selected at random from participants with the most correct answers; entries must be received by 5 p.m. every Friday; winner will be announced the following Monday.
  • Winning tickets available for evening performances only; no matinees. Tickets subject to availability.
  • Only one entry per person per week.
  • Winners may only win once during the contest period.
  • Please include your full name in response and indicate if you do not want your full name disclosed as a winner.
  • No purchase necessary to enter or win.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our quiz! The Damon Runyon Quiz is now complete. Congratulations to our final winner, Edward Johnson!

Correct answers from week 7 as follows:
1. Complete these lines from a Runyon poem: “Son,” he said, “you’re goin’ away, Into the world so cold and gray, And son,” he said, “all I’ve got to say Is don’t play ‘em _________.”
A: Unless you’ve got ’em

2. When the Spanish-American War broke out, the 17-year-old Runyon joined the 13th Minnesota Volunteers stationed in San Francisco. To which country was Runyon and his company sent?
A: The Phillippines

3. In his Broadway stories, what name did Runyon use for his friend and fellow New York columnist Walter Winchell?
A: Waldo Winchester

4. What is it that Runyon’s character Nicely-Nicely Jones “dearly loves to commit”?
A: Eating

5. Runyon was a correspondent on an expedition to Mexico in search of the revolutionary leader Francisco “Pancho” Villa. What general led the expedition?
A: General John J. Pershing