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newTACTics New Play Festival 2011

 New Play Festival

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Queen of Spades IMAGEThe Queen of Spades
by Joel Gross
Wednesday June 8th at 7 PM
Thursday June 9th at 7 PM

Directed by Robert Kalfin
Music by Jack Ramsey

Featuring: Cynthia Harris*, MacKenzie Meehan*, Brian Sutherland, and Brad Schmidt

by Matthew MacKenzie
Wednesday June 15th at 7 PM
Thursday June 16th at 7 PM

Directed by Jenn Thompson*
Music by Jack Ramsey

Featuring: Susan Heyward, Evan Jonigkeit, and Peterson Townsend

You Are Here IMAGEYou Are Here
by Zakiyyah Alexander
Wednesday June 22nd at 7 PM
Thursday June 23rd at 7 PM

Directed by Barry Satchwell Smith*
Music by Jack Ramsey

Featuring: Alex Hurt, Dorien Makhloghi, MacKenzie Meehan*, Debargo Sanyal, Brad Schmidt, and Dana Smith Croll

Mata Hari IMAGESPY: The Betrayal of Mata Hari
by Bart Midwood
Wednesday June 29th at 7 PM
Thursday June 30th at 7 PM

Directed by Barry Satchwell Smith*
Music by Jack Ramsey

Featuring: Christine Andreas, Christopher Burns, Matt Faucher, Paul Molnar, John Plumpis*, James Prendergast*, and Allen Lewis Rickman

* indicates TACT Company Member
 inside newtactics 2011
Queen of SpadesIn June 2011, we were pleased to offer something new and unexpected for our subscribers! The inaugural newTACTics New Play Festival: a series of four staged readings of exciting un-produced and unpublished work from playwrights new, emerging, and established: Joel Gross, Matthew MacKenzie, Zakiyyah Alexander, and Bart Midwood. The plays ran a wide spectrum of subjects and styles, and we were delighted with the response from our loyal subscribers (many of who came to every play) and from the many newcomers who made their first visit to TACT. The festival offered a rare glimpse into the process of making theatre, and a chance to investigate what speaks to our audience today. We were pleased to find that the diversity of the offerings enhanced the festival as a whole, awakening us all to the joy of discovering something new.
The festival featured TACT company members Cynthia Harris, MacKenzie Meehan, John Plumpis, Barry Satchwell Smith, and Jenn Thompson, and guest artists Christine Andreas, Christopher Burns, Dana Smith Croll, Matt Faucher, Kenneth Garner, Susan Heyward, Alex Hurt, Evan Jonigkeit, Robert Kalfin, Dorien Makhloghi, Paul Molnar, Allen Lewis Rickman, Debargo Sanyal, Brad Schmidt, Brian Sutherland, and Peterson Townsend. Each reading was accompanied by live original music composed by Jack Ramsey.
You are Here
We extend our deepest thanks to the newTACTics Council for their support of this venture, and to Carol Mitchell, Kathleen Raitt, Christopher Adam, and Joe Marrone for their attendance. We would also like to thank the Dramatists Guild Fund for they generous support and, of course, our loyal subscribers for their enthusiasm and dedication. We welcome all the new faces we saw in our audience and hope to have you back at the TACT studio again next season!

Mata HarinewTACTics develops new works through a process including research, discussion, table reads, and rehearsed staged readings. The newTACTics team works in close communication with the playwrights to create a collaborative environment in which these new works can prosper. This summer was a successful experiment in furthering TACT’s commitment to the language of the theatre, and we look forward to bringing you four more unique and provocative plays next June!